A force for positive change learndirect uses technology to future-proof education and training with both full and blended online learning solutions that transform people’s lives and help businesses develop their staff.

learndirect International’s core purpose is to advance global education technology by providing innovative and engaging online qualifications that develop and enhance skills, knowledge and competences.

  • For Students
    To inspire our students to realise their potential through the achievement of personal development goals, whether that is progression to higher education or to improve their career prospects.

    Wherever our students live in the world, learndirect helps them achieve their ambitions so that our students and their families benefit from the improved life chances and prosperity that is offered by greater global and social mobility.

  • For Education and Training Providers
    To create enriched, absorbing and flexible online and blending learning environments that will engage and motivate students (and staff) as viable and future proofed alternative to traditional classrooms and potential for schools to double classroom capacity by moving half of learning online.

    learndirect supports education institutes and other training providers to give their prospectus global reach to penetrate new markets and revenue growth.

  • For Employers
    To upskill the global workforce that helps meet the challenges of the future through innovative, sustainable and commercially attractive online solutions to meet future skills needs and increases productivity.

    learndirect’s cost-effectiveness is enhanced by the ability for online training to remain consistent (even when repeated numerous times); free up valuable time of a trainer and the trainee, significantly reducing costs which can be traced to individual learners and return on investment properly measured.

  • For Government Ministries and NGOs
    To affect positive social and economic development through effective, ethical education, skills and workforce development e-learning initiatives.

Learndirect are 100% committed to helping all of our customers achieve their business and personal objectives and this is underpinned by the values of our company:

  • Passionate: we show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do for our students, our customers, ourselves and each other.

  • Agile: we positively embrace and respond quickly to change through a flexible, proactive workforce that seizes opportunities.

  • Courageous: we challenge the norm; continuously improve and create opportunities through our entrepreneurial thinking and sound commercial approach.

  • Empowering: we trust and inspire people to do their best and believe in themselves. We are open to a diversity of ideas, approaches and points of view.

By living and breathing our values, each and every one of our employees look to make our core purpose and global vision a reality.

  • Launched in 2000 through the UK government’s University for Industry (Ufi), leanrdirect was given the task to use new technology to transform the delivery of learning and skills across the country.

  • In 2011, the Ufi Charitable Trust sold Ufi Ltd and learndirect to private equity house Lloyds Development Capital (LDC)

  • In early 2010, a management buy-out by the Executive Board in partnership with LDC gave significant growth opportunities to the business, and enabled skills and employability services to be offered to many more customers.

  • By late 2012 learndirect and JHP had merged under the learndirect name to offer a wide range of customers a seamless service such as: employability support to help people find a job; skills crucial to getting and retaining a job like maths, English, IT and soft skills like communication and team building; in-work training through online courses and Apprenticeships.

  • In June 2018 Dimensions Training Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stonebridge Group, acquired learndirect from LDC.

The Stonebridge Group is a large group of education related companies focusing primarily in the online distance learning sphere for both government funded and commercially funded qualifications and course.

The stated aim of the Stonebridge Group has always been to advance development through online learning and the acquisition of learndirect was a natural fit.