The equivalent of 305 million full-time jobs have been lost globally since COVID-19 hit, according to the International Labour Organization.

Manufacturers, airlines and retailers have announced redundancies in the thousands. The young have been particularly hard hit say the World Economic Forum.

Top 10 Skills you need on your profile

  1. Communication

  2. Problem Solving

  3. Operations

  4. Analytical Skills

  5. Microsoft Office

  6. Project Management

  7. Presentation

  8. Marketing

  9. Customer Service

  10. Leadership

LinkedIn have analysed its data to identify the skills employers want most and how you can use them to raise your game.

The data has revealed that interpersonal (soft) skills are the most prized. This reflects previous research by organisations including Deloitte, and the World Economic Forum, which investigated

the skills that will be needed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution in its Future of Jobs Report.

Below are the 5 most in-demand skills and how the courses offered by learndirect can help you in a competitive job market:

This is top of the wish list for many employers.

Because COVID-19 has increased the adoption of remote-working software, the need to strike the right tone of voice has increased.

LinkedIn says it is not just verbal cues that recruiters are looking for, but “digital body language”. Are you making the right impression with the tone you adopt in emails and WhatsApp messages etc?

Problem solving is about identifying a task, breaking it down into its components, and fixing it, according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

There are many examples of businesses thinking differently about their problems during COVID-19, as the has crisis forced changes in everything from management to business models.

Businesses everywhere are facing and making difficult decisions, from budgeting to changing headcount. What is clear is that evidenced, focused thinking and planning can help at every level of an organisation.

Regardless of the industry, from senior to junior level, you need to create a positive experience for your customers.

Retailers have been at the sharp end of this need during lockdown, expanding or pivoting to online, in order to serve customers at home – often with transformative results.

Professional services firm KPMG says COVID-19 has been rich with lessons in how great customer service can make a difference.

Leaders “bring people together around a passion, for a common purpose, to make this world a better place.