Blended learning provides a combination of face-to-face learning and dynamic digital activities and content that facilitate anytime/anyplace learning.

Different teaching methods are needed to appeal to the various learning styles of students. Some students like learning in a traditional classroom or groups while others want to learn online and independently.

Face-to-face teaching is great for developing interpersonal skills and thinking on your feet, while online and collaborative learning nurture a range of other core-competencies that are highly valued by employers.

Blended Learning Benefits to Students

Creating more flexible learning environments and incorporating video is particularly important for motivating learners who are turned off by traditional classrooms. Enriching blended learning content with appropriate images, audio and video can add variety and impact.

Learning Technology help students develop the transferable skills that employers value:

  • Planning

  • Time Management

  • Collaboration

  • Individual Learning

  • Decision Making

  • Development of critical thinking skills

  • Digital skills which are now essential in the workplace

Blended Learning Benefits to Education and Training Providers

If ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ COVID-19 has forced us to rethink how we teach and learn. Schools, colleges and universities have turned to online learning as campuses closed to contain the spread of the virus.

Blended learning has safeguarded the prospects of students during these challenging times, allowing for their smooth progression to employment or higher education, as well as offering the following benefits to schools:

  1. By taking 50% of coursework online, theoretically education providers can double campus size decrease cost per student.

  2. Greater business resilience; In the event of the unexpected students can make the transition to online provision so their studies are uninterrupted.

Accredited Qualifications with Blended Learning

learndirect work with a variety of UK awarding organisations who will be able to provide accreditation and certification to local and customised qualifications.

Accreditation by an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation gives a qualification greater global credibility because of the respected quality assurance processes and certification of students.

Education providers are able to embed learndirect’s short courses into larger local and customised qualifications and help you find the right accreditation partner.

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